💅🏻Nailpolish Of The Week – Starrily Ultima.

Time for a new Nailpolish Of The Week video :D In this week’s video I am talking about and swatching Ultima by Starrily. It’s a gorgeous silver holographic nail polish that I am obsessed about (it is opaque in just two layers!).

Please keep in mind that this video was one of the first I recorded with my new camera (the camera settings were a bit off and I couldn’t fix it well enough back in February when I recorded and edited this video to make it better ^^” I am still learning to work with everything new), but the shakyness will be gone in upcoming videos since I switched up the overhead rig to a better and stable one and even added a few more led panels etc. to make the lighting better too :)

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✨Starrily Nail Polish Unboxing & Swatches.

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through my email inbox and saw an email from Starrily with a question if I wanted to try out some of their polishes. I have never been so happy to see an email like that before because I am obsessed with all of the swatch videos I have seen other nail youtubers share about this brand. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed! In this video I unbox and swatch 8 of Starrily’s gorgeous polishes while working with my new set up and camera. Enjoy! :D

Starrily kindly provided a 15% discount code (Femke) to use on your own next purchase! I am not getting paid or anything if you use this code, the brand just simply made one for me to share with you! :)

x femketje