Recreating My Old Nail Design – Skittles Dotticure🌈

I wanted to start a new nail art series called Recreating My Old Nail Design, in which I share some of my nail art designs that have never been recorded before and are about 2 to 10 years old. This first one is a taste the rainbow, skittle kind of dotticure which I originally made in April of 2012 :) Let me know what you think in the comments down below! I already have two other recreation videos lined up for the upcoming weeks ;3

x femketje

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4 thoughts on “Recreating My Old Nail Design – Skittles Dotticure🌈”

  1. Een heel leuk idee om je oude nail arts na te maken! Mijn eerste zelfgekochte nagellakjes waren van essence, toen nog in die oude, kleine flesjes. Where’s the party, de mooiste duochrome ooit naar mijn mening, en de rode kleur van de 50’s girls reloaded trend edition waren echt m’n favorieten :D

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