Random Beauty Haul.

For some reason I totally forgot to show you some of my recent buys from the last couple of weeks. So here is a somewhat combined beauty haul! :D

So first up I got 3 new blushes by I Heart Makeup. I got them for about €5 to €6 each in the colours Iced Hearts, Peachy Pink Kisses and Bursting With Love. I already had a few of those cute Too Faced look a like triple baked blushes and the pigmentation is amazingly beautiful so I am pretty curious to swatch and review these later on.

I also bought a few backups such as my trusty Essence Cosmetics Camouflage concealer in 05 Ivory, the Essence the gel topcoat (€2,59) and a Catrice topcoat (about €3). You can never have enough topcoats if you ask me…

Lastly I saw that there was a new collection in the limited editions area, but I guess this is like a preview of the new spring/summer collection by Catrice. So I got two nailpolishes for €3,59 each which are supposed to be super holographic. One is more of a super fine shimmery silver holo polish, and the other is a real glittery one. I haven’t tried these polishes out yet but I do want to make a new galaxy nailart design soon so I might use them when I’m going to make that :)

What was the last beauty item you’ve bought?

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