Nails – Orange, Holo & Pineapples.

For some reason was I feeling the pinapple-holo-orange combination and this is what came out :D I actually did make 2 out of 10 nails like the unicorn skin trend with some loose flakies, but I feel like I have to practice just a bit more on those  to make them perfect :)

My 2 middle finger nails are still a little shorter than the rest, but shit happens!

For this design I used 3 orange China Glaze polishes, a white Urban Outfitters polish, some loose holo glitters, holo striping tape, unicorn skin flakies, some tiny multicoloured rhinestones and last but not least some cute but kinda heavy feeling silver pineapples.

Oh and ofcourse I used a good amount of basecoat and an even better amount of topcoat to seal it all in!

x femketje

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