My Favourite Netflix Series.

Lately I have been trying to take more time for myself to relax after work and in my weekends. So Netflix has been my bestie for almost every spare moment I have when I am not working for my blog. In this post I wanted to share my favourite series I love to watch on Netflix :)

So you guys know me, I am a true born and raised horror fanatic but from time to time I love a good laugh so Modern Family couldn’t stay off of my little list of shows I adore. I love Phil’s character so much and the whole crew is just awesome and actually really good actors. If you are in for a time almost ROFLOL’ing on the floor, watch Modern Family.

Just a little while ago I saw that the Roanoke season was online at Netflex of one of my fave series in life: American Horror Story. I am also still watching the new season (Cult) online but to vary a little bit I love watching the older seasons. I can’t help myself, I just like watching Evan Peters ;)

GLOW is a serie I recently started watching but after just one episode I was sold! Gorgeous women who are show wresteling in the 80’s, what’s not to love?

Slasher is a serie for the horror and gore lover among us. It is definitely not for people who can’t handle blood, because it drips off of the entire show. I am almost done with the second season and each season has it’s own story. Up till now I did like the first season better than the second, but maybe there is a cool twist at the end of season 2.

I can actually go on for hours about all of the series I have watched or love watching, but I guess there will simply be a part 2 of my fave Netflix series ;)

What series do you love to watch?

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8 thoughts on “My Favourite Netflix Series.”

  1. Stranger Things! Heb ‘m net helemaal gezien en vond het zo goed. Normaal ben ik daar helemaal niet van (meer Gossip Girl en PLL) maar dit was echt heel leuk!

  2. Ik ben net begonnen aan Stranger Things. En ik ben helemaal gek van Orange Is The New Black en de serie van Neil deGrasse Tyson <3

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