Essence Prismatic Hololighter Stick.

One of the first posts of the year is this review of the Essence Prismatic Hololighter stick in the colour 10 Be Unique, Be A Unicorn. As you all know Essence is one of my fave budgetproof brands, so I was super curious te see what this highlighter stick would be like.

The stick is a super creamy one which doesn’t really want to set onto the skin. At least on my skin it didn’t set, but I am not sure if that is because of my more oily skintype, or that this cream just doesn’t set at all. To me that is a big no no, but I can get that people with more dryer skin won’t have issues with that.

The colour and pigmentation really are amazing. A little goes a long way and the cool toned purple/blue glow is gorgeous. It isn’t really holographic as the packaging and name do expect it to be, but it is a decent duochrome :)

Eventhough this type of highlighter isn’t my cup of tea personally, I do like the pigmentation and glow it gives. I am a true highlight addict after all! This prismatic hololighter stick costs €3,59 and contains a solid 6grams of product.

x femketje

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