Essence – Matt Matt Matt Vibrant Shock Lipstick – 10 No To Mainstream.

Last week I already posted my fall flower look in which I used this gorgeous Essence lipstick. I actually bought this one myself because the teal colour really stood out to me. I might even go back for the other 3 colours, once they are back in stock ;)

The lipstick is a super matte one but doesn’t dry out the lips at all. It really did stay put very well so in my opinion this lipstick is also appropriate to wear to e.g. a xmas party or so. I think you do have to really love wearing colours like this one, and it is not really a daily or wearable colour to most people. But I love it. It’s a striking popping colour and I’m going to make more looks with it.

This pretty colour is super affordable too, for just €2,39 it’s yours!

x femketje

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