Essence Holo Rainbow Nailpolish.

It has been a few weeks since I bought the 5 gorgeous Essence Holo Rainbow nailpolishes and it is about time I finally review and swatch them for you guys.

So first up we have 01 Hello Holo, which is actually a polish Essence had in it’s collection earlier and was a HUGE favourite of mine. I can’t be more happy about it’s return to the collection and it is even prettier than before. A clear base with perfect silver holographic glitters. It’s actually not hard to get an opaque layer on your nail either, you just need 2 to 3 thin layers, or you can sponge the glitter on using a makeup sponge.

02 Holo Maniac is a holographic rainbow glitter polish with a sheer green base. It really does remind me of christmas and christmas trees and I will surely be wearing this one a lot this winter. The green shade is perfect and super festive, and this polish only needed 2 coat to be fully opaque.

The third one of this collection of 5 is Holo Rocks. A beautiful medium blue clear base with again the pretty rainbow holo glitter. This one was pretty quickly even and opaque aswell as the green one with just 2 layers.

04 Holo Love is one of my fave colours from this line which I feel you can rock all year round. A super girly pink clear base with the same rainbow holo glitter. This one needed about 2 to 3 coats but it did dry super fast just like the other ones. If you are like me and a girly holosexual, you will need this nailpolish in life.

To top this collection/line off there is 05 Holo Fever. A pretty lavender purple clear base colour with (again) the gorgeous holo rainbow glitter. I just can’t get enough of this pretty cool toned purple! This one needed about 2 to 3 coats aswell but it’s definitely worth the wait. I used this shade and the blue one together in a marble glitter nail art and I really loved the outcome :D

All polishes are just to die for and a must have when you are a glitter loving holosexual like me :3 And they are super affordable too! For just €2,89 a bottle you can easily splurge and get all 5 of them. *I actually bought these in a buy one get one free sale, SCORE!*

x femketje

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