Essence – Cubanita TE Jumbo Highlighter.

Eventhough this collection is in stores already for a few weeks, it is still available for at least the rest of the month online too. First of all I have to say that I am an highlighter horder and I am especially in love with the big ass gold highlighters which Essence brings out every few times a year in their limited or trend editions. That said, let’s go on to the review ;)

So as you can see it really is one big mofo! It has the cutest little pattern and the pigmentation is awesome. Do make sure to blend this one into the skin, for a more wearable effect.

The highlighter has a somewhat more warm undertone, but it does give a pretty glow to the skin, especially when you are already a bit tanned from the sun. The highlighter cost me €3,89 which is super budgetproof for such a HUGE packaging. I think it contains about 20 grams… and that truely is a lot of product which goes a very long way!

x femketje

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