Catrice Lashes To Kill Pro 24H Volume Mascara.

I am not much of a picky mascara user if you ask me. The only thing a mascara needs to achieve is some decent volume and not clump all over the place! Today I am reviewing this new Catrice Cosmetics Lashes To Kill Pro 24H mascara. If you are curious to know my opinion, please keep on reading!

The mascara is in a regular (gold) and waterproof (blue) version available. I always prefer the normal ones since waterproof mascaras tend to dry up really hard on the lashes and make them brittle. The brush/wand has an hourglass shape and it isn’t too big to work with. The mascara isn’t dry but a little bit more on the wet side and I really like that about it. That way you can apply 2 thin layers instead of one big fat clumpy one.

The mascara separates my lashes easily and perfectly while coating them in a solid black colour. I experienced no dryness or flakieness on the lids or underneath the eyes while wearing this all day so that’s a big plus for me and my oily skin! I did feel like it looked like I had a bit more volume in my lashes at the roots, but without the clumpy spider lash effect and the ends.

I used this mascara in both my Vday makeup from last week and the one before that.

All I can say is that I am a big fan! Catrice is an easy to get by brand, they are cruelty free and this mascara only costs 4,99 euros a pop :)

x femketje

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