🦋Monarch Butterfly Wings Nail Art (Hand Painted With Holo Taco Polishes!).

Hi lovelies! In today’s video I am sharing a hand painted monarch butterfly wing design that I created with Holo Taco polishes. I was so excited to give this design a try since I have been seeing it for ages (as in 10 years or so) online already. Ofcourse you can switch up the colour for any other tone, think of pinks, blues, greens, purples etc.. Or even different colours into one wing nail art would look really cool too! I might give that a try in a future video.

Personally I really don’t have a steady hand so it was a fun challenge for me to try it out and hand paint it with regular nail polish. If I can do this within a short amount of time, anyone can :) Let me know in the comment section down below that you think about it and if you’ll try it out for yourself!

x femketje

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