KBShimmer Nail Polish (1st Time Trying!).

Hi lovelies! In today’s video I am swatching and talking about the (new to me) brand called KBShimmer. These are the first 5 I’ve gotten myself and I am soooo impressed! I was recommended this brand by one of my viewers, thank you so much for that!

(Little side note: for some reason my microphone acted strange the first 20 seconds of the voice over at 4:10 into the video but quit by itself…? Never had this before and it also was not noticeable when I looked into my original file… It’s like a microphone ghost entered and left straight after not being into nailpolish I guess!)

I have purchased these myself online and can’t wait to hear your thoughts about them. Let me know what polish is your favourite in the comments down below! Personally I feel like they’re all quite special and unique and can’t wait to get some other shades from KBShimmer as well :)

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