Spring/Summer Fashion Trends With Esprit.nl

I am so ready for upcoming season and looking forward to all the new clothing items I will be able to get! In this post I wanted to share with you some of my favourite fashion trends from the spring/summer 2018 collections.

First up we are going to see a lot of super bright colours but also a ton of pastels. Dresses and blouses in monotone pastels or neon colours (just one colour per item) or combined with eachother in awesome prints. Mixing and matching different prints is huge this season aswell, so you can’t go overboard on the cute prints these next 6 months.

Not only random graphic prints and designs are hot this spring, also floral prints and embroided details will be seen everywhere. I prefer combining floral dresses with some cute pastel coloured pumps or flat sneakers. Which brings me to the classic “perfect jeans & heels” trend which is also coming back this fashion season.

Denim is all over the place. Especially in dungarees or dungaree dresses, denim blouses and the regular perfectly fitted jeans pants. I don’t feel like the ripped jeans trend will be seen much this season, but I do love all the added rhinestones, pearls and other embellishments such as studs and floral embroidery on pants and blouses.

I usually try to find me some new inspiration before I go out shopping for some new season items, and usually I do so by reading some Vogue magazines and looking at all the new items at the Esprit online store. Do check them out if you could use some fresh spring inspiration for your wardrobe!

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