Roy & Fem – 12 Year Anniversary!

Today is a happy day because exactly 12 years ago me and my (then boyfriend) husband got together <3 I was 14 and he was still 17 and I haven’t stopped loving him since.

I could go on for hours talking about all the things we’ve been through throughout the years, because there really were some awesome but also terrible moments,.. But I don’t want to bore you all with our lovestories ;) We don’t really have anything planned for today since I am still pooped out exhausted from my first work week at my new job. I have been working for 8 days straight in a row so it was pretty tiring to me. But we do have the day off together today so that’s already super exciting to me :D

I think it will be a Netflix and pizza day, haha!

x femketje

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18 thoughts on “Roy & Fem – 12 Year Anniversary!”

  1. Gefeliciteerd meis! wat een mooi tijd zijn jullie al samen, ik wens jullie nog veel en veel meer prachtige jaren samen toe! Liefs,

  2. Dit is leuk om te lezen… mijn zoontje is nu zo verliefd en zij is ook 14 en hij dan bijna 16. Wie weet… zou dus zomaar kunnen een prille liefde die voortvloeit in een happy story!

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