Pink Gellac Vintage Chic Gelpolish Collection (Swatches & Review).

After my first encounter with Pink Gellac last week, I was asked to also try out and review their spring 2018 collection of gelpolishes called Vintage Chic. Vintage Chic contains 7 pastel coloured gelpolishes and I am sure there is a fresh spring colour in here for everyone.

Most of the shades have a creamy monotoned colour and finish, but there is also a pretty pearly one and a super glittery shimmer colour. Can you guess which are my favourites? ;)

Do check out all the other shades and complete starter kits at Pink Gellac. There are tons of colours to choose from and they are also on sale at the moment! <3

x femketje

PS: the Dynamic Pink colour is still on my nails in this video. I have been wearing it for over a week now and it still looks perfect :)

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12 thoughts on “Pink Gellac Vintage Chic Gelpolish Collection (Swatches & Review).”

    1. Ja klopt! Je moet ze uitharden onder uv of ledlampen :) Daarom kan ik ze niet filmen in zonlicht of met mijn daglichtlampen aan, dan zou de gel te snel uitharden haha!

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