Catrice Dawid Tomaszewski Collection Eye & Face Palette.

Yesterday I already reviewed the 3 polishes from this new Catrice collection by Dawid Tomaszewski. Today it’s about time I finally review the eye and face palette aswell. Since this palette is called Bauhaus Obsessed, you can guess it’s right up my alley art wise ;D

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Catrice Dawid Tomaszewski Collection Nailpolish.

When I saw this new collection by Catrice, collaborating with Dawid Tomaszewski, I HAD TO GET ALL THE POLISHES :D

Sorry for my uber enthusiasm but just look at it. Not only is the design super awesome and Bauhaus like from the 1920’s (Hi mr. Simons, my old art teacher), the polishes are just royal and gorgeous AF.

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Happy Halloween 2017!

Hi guys and dolls!

Because it is halloween today I wanted to wish you all a super fun, spooky but safe halloween night! <3 If you are still wondering what you should dress up like, do make sure to take a look at my easy to do halloween looks and nailart! And if you are celebrating it next weekend, lucky you, you still have lots of time to figure out what you want to be ;) Continue reading

Stopping Birth Control Pills.

Hi guys and dolls,

for today there will be no beauty review, nail art or look online because I wanted to talk to you about something more personal and kinda serious. I am stopping with my birth control pills for the 2nd time in my life. If you want to know how the first time quitting went, I have made some articles in Dutch a few years ago here 1, 2.

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