💅Nailpolish Of The Week – Essence 08 Matchmaker.

I’ve been asked to swatch a nude colour for a change in one of my Nailpolish Of The Week videos, so here you go :D

This nailpolish is by Essence and called 08 Matchmaker. A super lovely light brown/dusty rose colour which is opaque in just two thin layers. Let me know what you think of this colour down below!

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BIG Aliexpress Nailart Haul 💅

Welcome back to my channel, and hi there if you are new :)
I wanted to do a new aliexpress haul video because it has been ages since I last made one (I had to wait so long before I got a decent amount of packages in, it was insane!). I bought loads of waterdecals, some gems and embellishments and some other handy tools and supplies.

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🌸Soft Spring Watermarble Nailart💅

I am really back into doing watermarbles, so here’s a new design with 3 colours from the new essence shine last and go collection. It’s a soft spring watermarble which is super easy to do yourself and super quick too!

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💅Gelpolish Of The Week – Pink Gellac 244 Hawaii Orange.

I am introducing something new on my channel called Gelpolish Of The Week :) It will have a similar format as my Nailpolish of the week video series which I started somewhere last year, but in these videos I will be swatching and talking about one specific gelpolish colour I have in my own collection. For this first ever Gelpolish Of The Week video I will be swatching this gorgeous neon one by Pink Gellac called 244 Hawaii Orange.

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💅Nailpolish Of The Week – Essence 45 Creating Memories.

It’s been a hot minute since I last painted both of my nails in a nailpolish of the week video. So I felt like it would be fun to do that again. For today’s colour I picked out one by Essence called 45 Creating Memories. It’s a colour I absolutely adore and it’s just such a nice shade of purple, I think loads of you will like it too :)

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