MAC – Extra Dimension Skinfinish In Show Gold.

Way back on Valentine’s day when we were in NYC, Roy bought me 2 MAC items. One of them was this gorgeous limited edition extra dimension skin finish in the colour Show Gold. Today I just wanted to post a quick review about my thoughts on this item and if I think it is worth the money ;)

Just look at this gorgeous colour shifting highlighter! It is a soft goldy peachy tone which shifts to a purply pink sheen. It does contain lots of pigment and even some glitter, but the glitter is not too much for a daily look. Personally I am a highlighter junkie and I LOVE THIS ONE.

I do have to apologize because I did wear this highlighter plenty of times, but forgot to shoot a photo of it in daily life. So instead, here’s a shot with my awesome lightening and NikonD5200. I have only applied it lightly to the cheekbones for a more subtle look! But the swatch above shows the colour off perfectly.

The price of this bad boy? It is somewhat on the less budgetproof side, but a limited item like this for €24.- is not too bad. I do think that the €24.- is the lowest price I have seen it around online for. At a counter you might get a somewhat higher price shoved in your face, so shopping online for this one isn’t a bad idea ;)

x femketje

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18 thoughts on “MAC – Extra Dimension Skinfinish In Show Gold.”

  1. Hij is zo mooooooi heeee. Al deze highlighters van MAC zijn echt beauties. Je staat er zelf ook weer prachtig op <3

  2. Héél erg mooi! Ik wil ook graag een highlighter uit deze collectie, maar ik kan niet goed kiezen welke ik juist wil… en helaas zijn ze te duur om meerdere te nemen #firstworldproblems. Ahja, nog maar wat foto’s kijken eerst :-)

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