I ♡ Heart Makeup – Triple Baked Blusher – Peachy Pink Kisses.

When it comes to blushes I love peachy pink coloured ones. And since it is almost Valentine’s Day I felt like I had to review this new favourite of mine. I already reviewed another of these I Heart Makeup triple baked blushers in the colour Iced Hearts, but this peachy one is called Peachy Pink Kisses :)

I still feel like these blushes are more appropriate as a pigmented coloured highlighter, but the darkest shade is a pretty decent blush colour. All three shades look beautiful apart from eachother as a highlighter or even eyeshadow tone, but mixed together it is a stunning facial luminizer. I always prefer powder products over liquids or creams, so if you are still looking for a pretty peachy toned highlighter you might want to check out this one.

The colours are nicely pigmented and feel really soft to the touch. They also blend into the skin really easily without messing up the base makeup underneath.

I used this blusher in the look above as a blush on top of a light bronzer and as a highlighter on the cheekbones. I also used some of the lightest shade in the inner corner of the eye makeup and on the browbone.

I Heart Makeup is one of my fave cruelty free brands and they are also really affordable. I bought this blusher for about €5 at my local drugstore.

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