I ♡ Heart Makeup – Triple Baked Blusher – Bursting With Love.

I already reviewed my other two new I Heart Makeup triple baked blushers in the colour Peachy Pink Kisses and Iced Hearts. But today it is time for my last and most bright one called Bursting With Love.

As you can see from the swatch photo above: it is a super highly pigmented three colour blush. The lightest shade is perfect as a highlight, the other two pink tones are beautiful on their own as a blush but also combined together look stunning. Especially all colours combined give an awesome flush with a gorgeous glow. I actually used this blush as a blusher, contour and highlighter in my latest valentine’s day look!

A little goes a very long way to use a light hand when using it and blend well!

I can continue rambling about how much I love this blush and how beautiful it is, but frankly this is one “helluva” blush! Just look at the swatches I did with only one swipe on bare skin.

I bought it at my local drugstore for about 5 euros and another plus is that the brand is also cruelty free :)

x femketje

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