Get To Know Femketje – March 2017.

So the month of March has flown by like an eagle on speed. And I do have to admit that I didn’t really shared that much photos the last few weeks. But since I’m an animal of habits, I did wanted to post this month’s Get To Know Femketje post.

The shot above is, ofcourse, my entry to the Dutch NYX Face Awards 2017 <3

Lately I have been painting my nails but topping it off with a gel polish topcoat. It makes my mani last super long and since I do have to walk around with tiles a lot in a day at work, it doesn’t chip that fast.

The last photo I wanted to share are these two combined ones from when Roy and I were in NYC last month. I really want to go back already because we had so much fun!

The rest of the month was a really hard one in a lot of ways. First of all our central heating broke so we didn’t have any hot water or heating in the house, then Roy broke one of his teeth so that had to get fixed. Later on Roy got in a car accident and we had to buy a new car ASAP for him to be able to go to work. I was just happy he got out of the car fine, aswell as the other person who crashed into his car. And lastly, my dad was taken into the hospital on the intensive care because of heart issues and his blood pressure being way too low. It was pretty scary because he isn’t even 60 years old yet, but he did get a pacemaker really quickly and got monitored for a few days. Now he’s home again but still has to undergo some other heart surgery and check ups.

There are months that everything seems to go wrong all at once. But they make you realize and appreciate life and the people around you more.

x femketje

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6 thoughts on “Get To Know Femketje – March 2017.”

  1. Wat een nare maand was dat zeg. Gelukkig is Roy er goed vanaf gekomen. En ik zag op Instagram dat het je vader weer uit het ziekenhuis was. Hopelijk wordt april een betere maand.

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