Get To Know Femketje – February 2018.

I didn’t really have a new photo to share with you guys in this post, so let’s give a quick throw back to last halloween season with this half skeleton look :) I really do still love how this look turned out and it was such fun to make! But for now let’s get back to business and share with you my monthly personal post: Get To Know Femketje February 2018!

February has been an up and down month for me. Work is settling in more and more since we suddenly moved a month ago and I’m starting to find my own place and “schwung” back now I work in an office for 40 hours a week. It’s a whole lot less working with people directly and a lot more IT related work I am doing at the moment, but that’s okay. Only more chances for me to grow as a person and on a professional level :)

This month has been about changes but also about working on relationships and building my home into a better and more comfy place.

The only thing I really didn’t like this month was that I am back on medication for my skin issues. I just finished the first month and I just got two more months on the same medication because my skin hasn’t calmed down at all so far. I even feel like my skin is getting a little bit worse, so I do hope that in a month or two my skin will calm down a lot again. Why is it that I am 27 and my skin still looks like I am only 14 >.< I know I look younger than I actually am but come on… I don’t want the skin issues of a teenager!

I really have to remind myself to record that acne story video. I just keep forgetting to do that!

I am really looking forward to March though. Can’t wait ’till spring is finally going to start because it has been hella cold here in The Netherlands the last few weeks! What are you looking forward to this upcoming month?

x femketje

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  1. Wat balen dat je weer last hebt van je huid. Ik ben 29 en ook nog steeds last van acne -_- Ik kijk erg uit naar de lente deze maand :-)

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