Get To Know Femketje – April 2017.

Even April has flown by like a whirlwind since today is already the last day of the month. This month I didn’t really make that much personal photos so this GTKF blog post will only contain a personal update ;)

I kind of have a lot on my mind since a week or 2. I have been having really serious belly pains for a few months and the last couple of weeks they seem to get worse and worse… and more frequently. It feels like menstrual pains and cramps, but way worse and seem to last for 20 to 30 minutes. The pain flows through my lower back and upper legs aswell and they start to really freak me out at this point ever since I got a few “belly pain attacks” at work and in my car while driving a few times. Nothing I do seems to lower the pain during these 20 to 30 minutes, only a hot water bottle kind of takes the edge off. Tomorrow I am going to see my doctor about this, hopefully he is able to tell me more. I have to say that I am pretty scared since I already know and feel that it has to do with my ovaries and/or my uterus. All kinds of thoughts run through my mind such as not being able to have kids and all… I just hope that I am thinking way worse than it actually is and I don’t have to go through any surgery or anything.

Next to that I am still really busy with working fulltime, blogging and making youtube vids and I do feel that I need more rest and sleep to keep on doing the stuff I love. On the other hand there is some good news about my dad: he just had his second hospital stay/surgery for his heart issues and is doing pretty fine :)

Let’s hope that my doctor’s appointment will go well and there aren’t any scary things ahead for me about my health! How was your month?

x femketje

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2 thoughts on “Get To Know Femketje – April 2017.”

  1. Ah wat naar van je buikpijn! Ik kan er over meepraten, heb laatste maanden ook veel buikpijn en trekt door naar mijn rug en bijna niks helpt. Alleen zit het bij mij wat hoger.
    Maar niet fijn wat jij hebt. Hopelijk valt het mee en let goed op jezelf!
    Fijn dat het met je vader wat beter gaat.

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