Fashion – New Glasses!

Every year I get to pick out some new frames. Last year I went for brown/blue ones and a few weeks ago I saw the most pretty green colour on the rack. I never get excited easily for glasses or frames, but just like the previous frames, these were love at first sight.

While I would never have imagined to pick out green (and a bit of black) glasses, I really do love them. Strange how your style and taste can change throughout the years. Maybe I really am getting older, wiser or just more mature and adult like? :o

If I at least stay looking years younger than I actually am, then I am a happy camper!

For now I’m just going to enjoy rocking these frames and switching it up a bit between my older ones and these pretty green ones ;) Who knows what I’ll pick out next year!

Oh and if you’re curious to see and know what kind of makeup products I’m wearing in these shots, please stay tuned because there will be a new makeup look blogpost of this particular look online soon (without the glasses etc.).

x femketje

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