Essence Vibrant Shock Lip Paint.

As you guys know I am totally into the lippies at the moment. I bought a ton of awesome colours and actually already swatched and reviewed the Metal Shock Lip Paints by Essence Cosmetics. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to swatch these Essence Vibrant Shock Lip Paints on the lips on camera aswell, I just wanted to write an old school blog post about them.

On the photo above I swatched all 6 colours really fast with just one swipe each. The pigment is amazing of the greyish blue, the hot pink and nude shade. The other 3 need a little more layering for it to be perfectly opaque.

01 Voyeur is kind of my favourite of the bunch. Which is weird because I adore bright colours. But for some reason this skin/flesh toned shade is so beautiful and perfectly opaque in just one layer. 02 Bloody Mary is a classic bright red but needs a layer or two to be fully even. It does stain the lips a little but also has a decent wear-time.

03 Red Viper is such a vampy fall like colour, I love it! Too bad this one needs a few layers, unfortunately it isn’t that opaque on its own but nevertheless a gorgeous shade. 04 Twisted Sister (I love this name) is a hot pink barbie colour. When you say the word pink this is the shade I think of. You would see this when you look it up in a dictionary haha! It is pretty opaque in just one layer and what else can I say: it is a looker!

05 Nightstalker is a colour I was super excited about… untill I swatched it. This one really needs a good layer or three but has a beautiful rich kobalt blue tone. Make sure you apply the next layer when the previous one is fully dried, otherwise you mess up the base layer and you can start all over again. This one did really stain my skin, so keep that in mind when you apply it to the lips. The last one is a greyish blue/green. I have no idea how to describe this tone but it is making me even more pale than I already am (not in a bad way though!). 06 Black Widow isn’t black at all but does give a somewhat dark vibe to your look. This one stained the skin like a mofo too!

I did buy these lippies myself at the online Kruidvat store for 3,39 each. Essence Cosmetics is cruelty free and just an awesome brand overall :)

x femketje

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  1. Oehh wat een felle kleuren. Mij staat waarschijnlijk alleen de lichte ‘nude’ kleur haha. Wel leuk voor mensen bij wie het wel staat! <3

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