Essence …& The Lovely Little Things – Nailpolish.

Last friday I already reviewed the trend edition’s face palette, but today I couldn’t wait any longer to show you the nailpolishes. I will forever and always be a nailpolish addict so I just couldn’t help myself and swatch the crap out of these polishes :3

This first one is called 01 … & My Milky Coffee. It actually really suits me, not because I LOVE white polishes, but I only drink my coffee super milky ;) This super matte white polish actually did work nicely and was completely opaque in just 2 thin layers of polish.

I think this second one is actually my fave. Super matte, super pretty and super fall appropriate is 02 … & My Matte Hat. It’s not really a red nor a pink, but some kind of deep tone like a peach mixed with a burgundy red. Anyways I love it! It was opaque in just 2 thin layers and it dries quick.

03 … & My Satin Puddle is a super shiny polish. A really lovely peachy salmon tone which suits lots of different skintones. This one also dried pretty fast and only needed 2 thin coats. This colour reminds me of spring, eventhough we still have to go through winter!

Since I already called out 02 as my fave polish of the bunch, let me just pick this bottle as my fave. You guys know me, I am a true catlady and this french little kitty is right up my alley. The polish is a tad sheer though, I needed 4 good coats to make it kind of opaque. So I would suggest using this polish as a topcoat ;) Oh how this one’s called you ask? 04 … & My Flaky Caty. The name really suits the polish with all the shimmer and dark matte glitter.

I even got a cute nail file and some super snazzy nailstickers. The stickers can be used to personalize your makeup items too so that’s a snazzy way to make anything your own. (Comes in handy when you’ve got a sister if you ask me)

The polishes cost €1,69 each, the nail file €1,59 and the stickers €1,39. It’s all super affordable so for you Dutchies: Go to Etos to score you some cute nail stuff ;D

x femketje

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