Essence Made To Sparkle Collection – Full Review & Swatches!

You guys might have already seen my first impression video of this collection when I first got my hands on it. Today it is about time I finally reviewed this full collection, so here we go! Get ready, get yourself some tea/coffee and cookies and read on ;)

First up I just HAD TO swatch this bad boy eyeshadow/highlighter palette for you. It is too pretty not to share since these colours are beautifully pigmented and super duochrome. They actually remind me of the Kat von D Alchemist palette, the one with all the shiny sheen duochrome highlighters. Really recommend this one because I bought it for just €3,99. Swatches were made with just one finger swipe and no primer of foundation is used underneath.

The nailpolishes were all really different and to be completely honoust: I didn’t mind that at all. The first one is a pretty copper like metallic colour which only needs one coat to be fully opaque. The second one really needed 3 to 4 coats and it is still a little sheer. The colour is really sparkly though and xmas appropriate! The next polish is kind of an odd one in this collection, a creamy lilac colour, but it only needs 2 coats. The fourth polish is a metallic one again, but this time a purple with silver untertone matte drying polish which only needs 2 coats. The last nailpolish is more of a topcoat and contains super pretty and chunky silver and gold glitters which dry up matte. I do feel that the big chunky glitters are a little difficult to apply with the regular nailpolish brush, so a dotting tool might come in handy. All polishes and the topcoat cost me €1,99 each.

The last items were 2 highlighting eyepencils (€2,59 each), a liquid liner in a rose gold/coppery tone (€2,89), 2 liquid lipsticks which were super pigmented (€2,89 each) and a bottle of highlighting glow drops which gives a pretty pink shimmery sheen (€3,89). The pencils are super soft and contain a decent amount of product, especially compare to their price. I just LOVE the eyeliner, I used it last week when I was celebrating my mom’s bday. The lipsticks take a little while to fully dry but once they are dry, they really don’t come off easily. The glow drops work pretty nice mixed with a foundation, but I love blending it in the skin as a regular highlight.

So far my complete review of all the items. The only thing I didn’t mention was the transparant lipstick with some lovely little pink sparkle, it didn’t really show up swatched on my arm. But I do think it will be a nice daily sheer lipstick ;)

x femketje

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8 thoughts on “Essence Made To Sparkle Collection – Full Review & Swatches!”

  1. Die nagellakjes zijn supermooi, vooral die lichtroze vind ik prachtig! En wat een leuke oogschaduw/ highlighter. Ik ben fan van deze producten, heb al zin om naar de winkel te lopen hehe!!

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