Essence Cracking Magic Nail Top Coat ✨- SPOOKTOBER 2023.

Hi there beautiful people! It is officially October which means SPOOKTOBER has begun here at my channel :)

In SPOOKTOBER I only post fall and halloween related videos such as swatches, reviews and designs, with maybe an additional shorts video in between.

For this second SPOOKTOBER video, I’m trying out the new (or actually revamped) crackle, crackling or cracking (however you want to call it) top coat by Essence. I have had their cracking top coat about 14 years ago too and I do feel like this one’s a bit better :D

Or maybe my nail paiting skills have simply improved over time ;)
Let me know what you think of this oldie but goodie and if you are planning on getting a bottle yourself too.

x Femke

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