Essence – Brushed Metals Nailpolish.

Hi guys and dolls, get ready for a bunch of nailpolish swatches because I am going to share with you my honoust review of the 6 Essence Brushed Metals nailpolishes. Grab yourself some snickers and tea (because it’s a long ride), and if you are curious to see how I feel about them and if they are worth the buy, please keep on reading ;)

So first up we have 01 Steel The Show. You don’t need a metallic chrome powder when you have this polish, a gorgeous silver matte drying colour which only needs one thick of 2 thin coats. It dries super fast so it’s awesome to use when you are in a hurry, just apply 2 thin coats and you are good to go.

02 Can’t Stop The Feeling (Justin Timberlake anyone?) is a little more sheer but super shimmery even when it has fully dried up matte. I needed about 2 to 3 coats for this one. The colour itself is super pretty and wearable in a creamy white/champagn-ish tone.

If you are more into gold than champagne or silver colours, then 03 Fame Is The Name is right up your alley. At least it’s right up my alley eventhough I prefer the more cool silver tones more. This is a pure gold colour, rich and warm but it still has a cold silvery shimmer in it if you look closely. This one only needed 1 coat (or 2 thin coats), and dried up really fast. This colour is perfect for the upcoming holidays!

Almost everyone loves a good pink nailpolish from time to time, especially me when it is one as rich in colour as 04 It’s My Party. This royal pink colour is a true fuchsia tone and super bold! It only needed one good coat and applied really nicely. It dries up fast so you don’t have to wait longer than just a few minutes before you can go to your own party ;)

05 I’m Cool With It is supposed to be a blue to purply duochrome but it was really hard to catch the purple on camera. To me this is a super quick drying gorgeous galaxy blue and it only needs one good coat. This colour is gorgeous for this season if you are not really into the reds and golds. (On the swatch photos I accidentally added a glossy topcoat on top, but without that it dries up matte!)

This last one is a colour I would wear all year round. 06 There’s No Place Like Chrome is a gunmetal colour with silver shimmer in it. This one also dries up super fast and leaves you with a matte one coating colour. I LOVE IT! It is perfect on its own, but also super easy to use for watermarbling and stamping nailart.

All polishes cost me €1,99 each. A super good deal if you ask me because all colours are quick drying, matte and really easy to get opaque fast. I think this collection has great colours on its own that anyone would like, or at least a few colours ;) All I can say is that I am totally loving these polishes, not just for the colours but also the way they apply, dry and are very easy to remove too!

x femketje

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