Column – Being Positive In Life.

Hi my lovelies! Today I felt like it was time to share a new column with you guys about how I try to maintain being positive in life, even when everything seems to go wrong. These tips and tricks don’t always work for everyone, but it is worth the try! It is all about how you think about things <3

As a somewhat prone to depression kind or person, I know that life can get kinda tough sometimes. When I was growing up there were a lot of battles to fight and I’ve gone through hell and back to keep myself up right. That doesn’t mean that there can’t be any struggles later on the road for you to deal with, even after the war is over. And you have to deal with them to grow and be strong for the people you love around you. Even when I write this I get teared up when I think about all the crap the husband and I have been going through, but even more about the fact that we are stronger than ever because of it. In Dutch they’d say I am “veerkrachtig” (resilient). And I can’t really disagree. Maybe the fact that I have been through a lot made it a little easier to stay positive in life. Because it couldn’t get any more worse than it has been right..?

Everything will always fall in it’s place. That is one of the mottos I tend to live by. When you work hard and you try your best, good will always come your way. I think faith and belief have a great part in this way of thinking, and not just in a religion kind of way of saying it. And just DO IT! Don’t think about you’re not good or strong enough. Believe in yourself. You are strong and beautiful as long as you are yourself and spread love instead of hate. Karma really is a bitch you know, so you better be good to people around you or even the ones in the online virtual world. When you only do good, you feel better and get a positive reaction to that.

When you are at your lowest, pick yourself up, throw on some mascara and be the awesome person you really are. Worrying is like walking around with an umbrella, expecting negativity to rain down on you. What if we would all just walk outside without an umbrella? And when it comes to some rain, just sing in it <3

x femketje

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