Catrice Dawid Tomaszewski Collection Nailpolish.

When I saw this new collection by Catrice, collaborating with Dawid Tomaszewski, I HAD TO GET ALL THE POLISHES :D

Sorry for my uber enthusiasm but just look at it. Not only is the design super awesome and Bauhaus like from the 1920’s (Hi mr. Simons, my old art teacher), the polishes are just royal and gorgeous AF.

Gilded Glitz is really my favourite of the 3. This is the most pigmented and opaque true gold polish I have in my over 2000 bottles of nailpolish collection. I do have to say that the polish dries matte, and I personally prefer rocking glossy polishes. So if you are like me and like some shine in your life, just add a glossy topcoat ;) For the swatch photo I only used 1 coat.. just 1… look at it, it’s gorgeous!

The 2nd one of this collection is called Offbeat Rosewood. I didn’t have enough time to make this polish dry completely, but it actually is a complete matte one aswell once it’s dry. I didn’t really like the formula of this polish. I expected it to be super thick, creamy and opaque, but on this swatch photo I used 4! coats to make it opaque enough to not make my natural tips shine through. The colour is really gorgeous though, a super browny nude which looks really classy on lots of skin colours and tones. But it just didn’t float my boat or tickle my fancy due to the amount of coats I had to use.

Now the polish I wore the entire week after falling in love with it while swatching :D Violet For VICTOR-y is a gorgeous deep burgundy shade which kind of shifts between a purple and red in different lighting. I can’t really say if it’s more of a red or purple, but it is hella gorgeous to me! This one, just like the first beautiful gold polish, only needs 1 or 2 coat to make it fully opaque. The polish dries up fast and completely matte, though I would love to add a glossy topcoat on this one because the shimmer in the polish is just way too pretty not to show.

All 3 nailpolishes cost €2,99 each, and contain a neat brush which works well. The packaging is an A+ in my opinion and out of 3 I adore 2 polishes. So if you’d like to know which ones to get, definitely go for the gold and burgundy one!

x femketje

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