Catrice Dawid Tomaszewski Collection Eye & Face Palette.

Yesterday I already reviewed the 3 polishes from this new Catrice collection by Dawid Tomaszewski. Today it’s about time I finally review the eye and face palette aswell. Since this palette is called Bauhaus Obsessed, you can guess it’s right up my alley art wise ;D

I haven’t used the palette on my face yet, but I am definitely using it later on this week for a new and complete fall like look. As you can see the palette contains 2 face powders (highlighter and blush), and 8 eyeshadow colours. I really love the little print in the face powders, it’s just so pretty! I did notice that all powders are kind of loose, some even a tad chalky which can cause some fallout. Do keep that in mind when you use them ;)

The different colours in this palette aren’t shockingly new or something, but I do think that it’s an appropriate fall palette with the pale purple and the mossy green. Lot’s of different eyecolours will really pop with colours like these. I also really like that the colours aren’t all super shimmery, and that there actually are some nice matte shades to use in the crease area. The highlight shade is a tad on the cold side, which is more a spring tone to me, but the blush is nicely warm and peachy.

The pigmentation really isn’t that bad though! I have seen way worse shadows from Catrice’s limited editions so for me this palette is a win. Especially the packaging is beautiful and actually feels kind of heavy in the hand. It’s quality is just a scale up compared with e.g. Essence limited edition packaging.

The palette costs €7,99 and is just a little bit above the regular budgetproof brands, but definitely worth it! In just a little while I will be making a full face look with this palette and sharing it here on the blog aswell as my instagram and snapchat ;) For now you will have to do with just a quick eye look:

x femketje

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