Canvas – I Want To Travel The World.

So just before me and Roy went on our 2 week holiday to the US, a HUGE package was delivered at night time the day before. It contained this awesome canvas I had made from and I just couldn’t wait and took our clock from the wall and hung this canvas in it’s place. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post this article any sooner, but I really had to go and catch my plane, haha!

The canvas’  size is 120x80cm, which is kind of big to me, but since we had a large kind of empty wall it looked really cool next to our diningtable! The price tag was pretty affordable comparing it to stores/companies selling smaller canvas pictures for a higher price. For a canvas like this one it’s about €137.-, and a €13.- shipping. I do have to say that it was packaged really well and nothing happened to it, not even a dense.

The whole process went really quickly, the one thing I was being slow about was picking out the image itself! For more awesome stuff such as photo wallpaper (fotobehang voor onze Nederlands sprekende lezers) and posters, do check out the website!

x femketje

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