Beauty Chores I Have To Do More Often.

There are always these few chores you have to do when you are into makeup, nailpolish and all that jazz. They aren’t always that much fun to do but sometimes you just HAVE TO do them. In this post I share with you the chores I tend to procrastinate in and just don’t love doing… at all……

FIrst up, we all know this one girls: Washing your makeup brushes. I tend to wash them pretty frequently and will always grab a new fresh brush for every day. But there are moments that you are out of clean brushes and you really have to do some washing up. I totally don’t love doing this chore. It takes forever (because I waited so damn long to wash my brushes and now I have to wash all of them at once), it makes my nails soft and bendy and my skin goes super mushy because I have to put my hands in warm water for a longer period of time. Uhg… I need someone to come and clean my brushes for me. Where is that brush cleaning fairy when you need one..?

Keeping your beauty room or makeup desk clean and tidy. For the clean part I do my job pretty good. I always wipe my desk off with all purpose cleaning towlets when I spilled something or when I am just running around cleaning all the tables and desks in the house. But the keeping everything tidy and in order part…. I do need some more time and management in that. I can always find all the items I and looking for back, but sometimes I am a sloppy pig when it comes to makeup and nailart stuff. It’s a good thing I have my beauty room and can keep most of it in just one room in this house. Because otherwise I would have nailpolishes and lipsticks in my kitchen, hallway, shed in the backyard and so on.

Btw I am still not fully done redoing my beauty room, but when it is ready I will definitely make a new room tour video!

The last thing I really have to do more often is taking all of my hair out of my hairbrushes. Sometimes it seems like there is a full head of hair in them and I wonder if I am going bald without me seeing it. As a blonde girl I loose tons and I really mean tons of hair. I have so much and most of all long and thin hair that I sometimes find it throughout the entire house. And when I do take it out off my brushes, it kinda looks like a cute fluffy dark blonde hamster every single time :’)

What are beauty chores you procrastinate on? And don’t be shy, we all know that you don’t do stuff you actually need to be doing!

x femketje

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Chores I Have To Do More Often.”

  1. Make up kwasten wassen haat ik ook :P En dat van de haarborstel komt me bekend voor. Ik heb ook heel dun haar en overal vind ik ook haren van mezelf.

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