☆ Xmas Is Getting Close! ☆

Hi my lovelies! Tonight it is christmas eve so I didn’t want to make a huge blogpost for today. Just me saying hi and sharing my holiday plans!

Unfortunately I only have 4 days off of work but I am happy I don’t have to work on any christmas day like I’ve had to do for years in a row :3

My christmas plans are simple: tonight I will go watch my mom perform with the choir she’s in. She always gets the solo acts, super awesome! After that Roy and I will have our annually christmas eve dinner together and just watching a movie or netflix series together. Oh and unpacking the few gifts I got him as a surprise already since we plan on sleeping in on the first day of christmas :D

On monday I will be recording a lot and working on the blog for half a day, after that it is dinner time with just the two of us again. On the second day of christmas we are invited to go have dinner at Roy’s foster parents. I am so curious to find out what’s on the menu that day!

My last day off will be on a wednesday, I will probably be cleaning the house and doing laundry next to a load of blog work!

What are your plans these upcoming days?

x femketje

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