Too Faced – Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette.

I am ready to review the next pretty new palette I scored when I was in the USA! For today’s review it is time for the oh so gorgeous Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. Curious to see what I think about it so far, please keep on reading ;)

So the palette itself is pretty cool and you see right away that it is a Too Faced palette. It is an iron case with a nice pinky peach coloured gradient and it contains 18 gorgeous shades. The colours vary from soft beige tones to peach, purple and even an olive green tone. But the pigmentation is the one thing I can’t get over… IT IS SOOOOO DAMN GOOD!

All colours are swatched without primer, base or foundation underneath. They’re all just one swipe with a clean finger. Look at these beauties! This eyeshadow palette isn’t super cheap but it is definitaly worth the price of $49.- Apart from that I really do think lots of different girls/women can rock awesome looks with this palette, since it has a great colour range and different kinds of finishes.

I could easily ramble on for days about this palette, but the photos do say it all. I haven’t made an “official” blog post look with this palette yet, but I did wear it a lot when I was on my 2 week holiday in the USA. You can see some of these looks in my vlogs or at my instagram account ;)

x femketje

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12 thoughts on “Too Faced – Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette.”

  1. Wat een heerlijke kleurtjes, ook perfect om een grote veelzijdigheid aan looks mee te maken!

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