The Master Perfumer – White Lily.

Sometimes you randomly walk into a local drugstore and you try out some perfumes. The same thing happened when I found out about this lovely scent.

First of all, I really like floral and fruity scents, so there was no doubt I wouldn’t like this perfume. This scent contains a mix of white lily, orange blossom and amber. Scents I already like very much on their own, since I already have those scents from this perfume collection aswell. For an eau de toilette I do have to admit that I continue to smell this the entire day when I have only sprayed on a little bit early in the morning.

For only €7 or €8 you get a fullsize 50ml bottle of perfume. Pretty good deal if you ask me! I know for sure I am going to buy this scent soon again, because as you can see from the picture above, mine is almost gone already!

x femketje

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6 thoughts on “The Master Perfumer – White Lily.”

  1. Ik heb twee geurtjes van The Master Perfumer, de dupe van La Vie Est Belle en de dupe van Black Opium! :-D Deze klinkt ook als een echte aanrader!

  2. Heb deze ook, ruikt inderdaad heerlijk en je hebt er de hele dag plezier van. Ben sowieso echt fan van Master Perfumer, super goede prijskwaliteit verhouding.

  3. Ben benieuwd naar dit luchtje. Ik heb er ook een luchtje van, Black Vanilla, de dupe van Chanel Mademoiselle :D

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