🎁25K Subscriber Giveaway *Part 2* (Essence Nail Polishes).

Thank you soooo much for your ongoing support! In this giveaway I will be randomly picking 1 winner to get his or her hands on these 7 brand spanking new Essence shine last & go nail polishes!

I know that Essence polishes can be a bit hard to buy if you are not living in Europe, that’s why I went through my own polishes to see what unused and unopened doubles I had laying around. In this giveaway there’s a chance of winning 5 bright coloured polishes, an opaque white which is perfect for nail art, and a clear one which is nice to mix loose glitters in :) I have asked you in a poll a little while ago if you’d like me to do 1 big giveaway like last time, or if you’d prefer multiple smaller ones: You have chosen for the latter so that’s why there will be multiple smaller giveaways for this time’s celebration and this one’s the 2nd one already! :D

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