NON NAIL RELATED Holiday Haul (Dubai, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Tokyo).

It took a little while before I could record this video, edit it and upload. But here it is and I hope you enjoy! We were on a 4 week Asia trip during october-november and started out with a 6 hour flight to Dubai, where we stayed 3 days before flying to Thailand. We spent most of our time in Chiang Mai (about 11 days) but also were in Bangkok a couple of days in the last week of our trip. Next to that I could stripe off one of my bucket list travel locations: Tokyo :D We were there for 9 days which was amazing :3 All items shown in this video are bought with my own money, nothing was sponsored, we saved up all year to go on this trip and didn’t want to cut any expenses :)

x femketje

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