My Favourite Nail(art) Tools.

There comes a time when you as a pro nailstylist or as a nail hobbyist, are in need of some good and decent nailart tools. In this little post I wanted to share some of my faves with you. The tools I use may come in pretty handy when you are just starting out and don’t know what tools to buy, but it’s also a little checklist of stuff you might have missed :)


Personally I don’t like glass files because I feel like they are too harsh for my nails (plus I HATE the feeling it gives me when I use one, reminds me of nails scrating over a blackboard at school). I love to use the somewhat curved files to shape the nail, and a softer buffing file or block to get rid of some of the loose flakes or splits of the nail. When you take good care of your nails you won’t need the buffing block as much!

Dottingtools & Wax Pencils:

I think I have about 30+ dottingtools in total and about 10 wax pencils. I am kind of an horder and did receive a lot of tools from webshops for free because of my blog. Dottingtools are super handy when it comes to making cute nail designs, and not only for a dotticure ;) The different sizes also work like little paint brushes you can drag your polish around with. Heck, I even use my dotting tools to pick up rhinestones and glitter with, and even to remove wet nailpolish from the cuticle area! Wax pencils are a little different but when you have got some good ones, they will last a lifetime. It looks like a normal pencil but the tip is a little more sticky so it picks up rhinestones like a boss. I did try out the crystal katana, but for about $30 I feel like it is super overpriced and a good wax pencil and dottingtool do the same trick for way less of an amount of money. Plus you can use them for way more than a crystal katana would, so why hassle and spend too much money?

Cuticle Oil & Cuticle Pushers:

Cuticle oil to me is a lifesaver. Especially since I am the one who works fulltime and has to do the household aswell. Ofcourse I try to wash dishes and scrub the toilets with gloves on, but I don’t shower with gloves on and have to wash my hands with soap every day. So there is no way I would never dry out my hands or cuticles. Next to that I also use acetone and acetone free polish removers which both dry out my skin. A good oil is needed to feed my poor hands and nails! At the moment I use a simple nail oil which I love and bought for just a few bucks on Aliexpress. But you can also use a mix of argan oil, coconut oil or just your simple cooking oil with some aloe vera. I try to apply it at least once every day or every other day when I get the time to remind myself. But I always grab for it when I am in between manicures. Cuticle pushers are kind of a debate for me since I feel like I can easily push back my cuticles with my own nails. But since your nails are like diamonds and not tools, the pushers come in handy from time to time. If you feel like a metal tool is too harsh for you, you can also use an orange wood stick. It is a bit softer but does the job perfectly aswell.

If there are any more questions you would like me to answer about nail art, tools or techniques, please let me know down in de comments!

x femketje

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