My 2 New Rings.

A little while ago I ordered 2 new silver rings. Mostly to replace the bare space on my ring fingers because my wedding ring and engagement rings are a tad too big and I wear those on my middle fingers. And since I do want to make sure people know I am married and all, I found some pretty silver rings with swarovski stones to match the others.

On my left ring finger I wear this big swarovski stone one which is just so shiny and pretty! It was actually discounted to about €20.- My engagement rings (a stack of 3) are a little wider so a big stone on the ring finger would look pretty :)

On my right ring finger I wanted a ring with a somewhat smaller stone but a bigger band to not make my original white gold wedding ring fall in its shadow. The bad has a ton of smaller zirkonia stones and shimmers really pretty. This one was discounted pretty well and only cost me €10.-

I bought these rings with my own money and I am not getting paid to tell you this but I got them from . They provide good service and reply to your questions really fast :)

x femketje

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