I ♡ Heart Makeup – Triple Baked Blusher – Iced Hearts.

Last friday I shared a random beauty haul in which was also this pretty triple baked blusher by I Heart Makeup. It is the lightest shade of the 3 blushes I got and called Iced Hearts, so let’s quit the rambling and go on with the review!

This 3 coloured blush is super shimmery. And when I say shimmery…. I mean SHIMMERY! Like a bomb went off in a discoball and the shimmer splattered everywhere. It is something you must love, otherwhise you would want to skip this blush. Honestly, I do feel like the darker peachy tone on the right in the blush is the most blush like colour, if you know what I mean. It is a bit deeper and less highlight-ish in my opinion. It is also the only colour with a somewhat more warmer tone to it, so it matches out the super cool tones from the two other colours a bit.

All three tones are super pigmented and soft, they blend like little angels into the skin without messing up your foundation or concealer underneath. All colours combined make a gorgeous coloured highlighter. Personally I wouldn’t use this product as just a blush since it is so darn shimmery, but it makes an incredible highlighter.

I bought this I Heart Makeup blush myself for about 5 euros in a local drugstore. The brand is cruelty free, has great quality and is also super affordable.

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