Get To Know Femketje – May 2018.

It is June first, 2018… Wait what… How is this possible? It was just the end of April but then I blinked my eyes and it is June already!

So May has been busy (what else is new) and I feel like I have had no rest at all this month. And it also seems it isn’t getting any less busy either >.< But this month my husband will have his 31st birthday and we will be spending it during a 4 day long weekend in Belgium. Just having fun and crashing in a way too snazzy hotel. I am really looking forward to that weekend because it will be the first moment in a long time to actually chill the F out a bit.

I am also planning on filming even more to upload awesome content to my youtube channel, instagram and ofcourse the blog. Keep an eye out for new aliexpress hauls, nail designs and productreviews!

How has May been for you? Let me know in the comments down below! <3

x femketje

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