Get To Know Femketje – June & July 2017.

It has been forever since I last made a Get To Know Femketje post. So today I wanted to give you guys a little personal update and just talking a bit about stuff that happened the last 2 months.

June was pretty busy but compared to July still manageble ;) My husband turned 30 in June and I recorded a lot more videos for my yt channel the last couple of weeks. I still feel like I’ll just see where it goes because I don’t have the time to record every day and upload every day since I have a fulltime job to start with. But for now I will upload at least once every week!

Personally I have hit rock bottom last week. I feel like I’m getting stressed out, burned out and really depressed again and I’m not liking that one bit. So I had a good talk with my husband and some friends who know me to the bone, and I decided to stop birthcontrol again later this fall. Since I am reacting so badly to birthcontrol pills, emotionally wise, I would rather use other birthcontrol stuff than feeling so damn depressed, stressed out and sad all the time. It actually really kept me from doing a lot of fun things for about 6 months in a row so screw these pills and let me become a happy camper again. Next week I actually planned a week off of work, because I simply need it after working 23 weeks non stop.

For the blog I will continue working on some awesome nail art and makeup, and a few reviews every now and then :) For this month (August), I do have a lot of nice things planned out. So first of all I have one week of work this week, then I will be off for a whole week which is already planned out half. I am obligated to have LOADS of fun and relax so that is what my main goal will be. Relax, read some books, do some shopping for our upcoming holiday this fall and go visit my parents. I don’t see them that often so my mom was pretty excited when I called to meet up. I do miss her a lot and wish we lived closer or that I would have the time to visit more.

But for now, thank you guys for staying with me for this long. I have been blogging for almost 7 years now and I really do appreciate you <3

x femketje

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2 thoughts on “Get To Know Femketje – June & July 2017.”

  1. Ik weet wat je voelt. Anticonceptie pillen zijn zo slecht. Vol hormonen waar je je zo rot door kunt voelen. Ik ken zoveel meiden die zich anders gingen voelen. Zelf ben ik er een tijdje mee gestopt en voelde me zoveel beter.

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