China Glaze – We Got The Beet.

You may have seen this polish on my nails a few times now the last couple of weeks, since I wore it when I shot a load of product photos :) But now it is about time I wrote about what polish it is and how I feel about it.

The polish is by one of my fave brands China Glaze and is called We Got The Beet. This polish is originally from the 2016 summer collection called Lite Brites, but I bought it just a little earlier this year.

The colour is a lovely grape purple but actually contains pretty gold/coppery shimmer. It does feel a little textured but not as much as the liquid sand polishes which were in trend a year or two ago. The nailpolish does dry quickly but it needs a good couple of coats to be fully opaque.

Personally, I really love this type of colour and I don’t feel annoyed it needs about 3 layers to be perfectly even. Eventhough it is from a somewhat older summer collection, it is still available online for about €5 a bottle :)

x femketje

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