Catrice – California In A Box Bronzer & Blush Palette.

I still have so many Catrice items to review and especially blushes since their new Blush Flush collection came out earlier. But for now it is time to review the new in Catrice’s regular assortment bronzer and blush palette: California In A Box 010 Splash’n’Glow!

The palette is not just a regular small one, it actually contains 4 decent sized shades and an even bigger highlighter/topper. The palette has two gorgeous peachy toned bkushes and two matte bronzers. The bronzer on the right is just a little more cool toned so I personally prefer that one over the one of the left, which is a lot warmer. The 4 colours are all really nicely pigmented, feel really soft to the skin and blend in really easily.

The sparkly topper, or just the highlighter from this palette is a gold creamy colour and has the same nice feel and “blendability” as the bronzers and blushes. And just look at how HUGE that pan is! It will take me forever to even hit the bottom of the pan!

All shades are really nice and if you are more of a warm toned kinda guy or girl, you will really love this palette. It is easy to take with you on a holiday because it’s an all in one kind of palette. You could also make a full look with these shades on the eyes aswell! I haven’t used this one in a look on my face yet, but I did try it out in daily life and the powders don’t really fade during the day.

I got this palette in a PR package, but normally this one sells for €9,89 which is a pretty good deal if you ask me. For less than 10 bucks you get 5 soft to the touch multifunctional shades with great pigmentation.

x femketje

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