Agua Marinha – Polish Review (Cuccio, Impala, Colorama & Risqué).

So a little while ago I was contacted by the sweet Nina if I wanted to review some of the polishes she sells in her webshop. This week I got my package in and oh my doodles, she really knows my taste in nailpolish colours! In this post I am reviewing 7 different polishes from a few different brands and one fast drying topcoat. Because we are all super busy ladies and gents, we need a fast drying topcoat in life ;)

First of all some background information about the shop and the lovely owner: She became a nailpolish lover at the age of 12/13 because of her mom being a nailstylist (that’s a dreamjob if you ask me!). Since she was 15 her mom started doing her nails for her and so the polish addiction began! At the moment she is a gorgeous 30 years old and she still loves doing her nails. 8 years ago she began living in The Netherlands and the first thing she really missed were the Brazilian nailpolish brands, which ofcourse are really hard to find here in our small little country. About a year ago she was brainstorming about what to do about the lack of pretty Brazilian polish brands and she came up with the idea of starting her own webshop to make the Brazilian brands and colours easier to buy here! It took her a while to set it all up but since the 27th of April her webshop is officially opened. The shop’s name is Aqua Marinha, which keeps her background story in its full Brazilian glory!

I have to say that I am pretty damn proud to be the one to try out these awesome brands and to become her nail/hand model :) But let’s go on to the thing you are here for: the polish swatches and my honoust opinion about all these brands and colours.

First of all I am starting off with 2 Risque polishes in the colours Cigana and Ninfa. Both polishes need about 3 coats to get it as opaqua as possible, but I really love the lavender colour Ninfa because even though it is a bit sheer, it really is a pretty sheer polish which gives your natural nails a nice look. Cigana is a bit more opaque and has a lovely girly pink tone. Both polishes cost €3,50 each.

Next up are two polishes by the brand Impala. The salmon pink colour Luzia is so pretty and only needs 2 coats. The perfect barbie pink tone is right up my alley and only needs 1 good coat to make it perfectly opaque. This brand seems to dry really quickly so that’s a good thing! Again, both polishes cost €3,50 each.

Colorama is a brand I really have never heard of before I tried the next two polishes. Beijo Roubado is a creamy burgundy colour, kind of red wine-ish ;) This polish only needs 2 coats and dries pretty quickly when you apply thin layers. The red polish, Vermelho Ivete, is a classy red colour with a cooler blue untertone. Perfect for a classic look all year round or use it for a christmas design! The red one was difficult to get opaque, I would suggest using a white opaque polish underneath to make it completely perfect. For now I have a bit of tip sheerness but that’s okay ;) Also the polishes of this brand cost €3,50 each.

Now the last brand is one I actually already own some polishes of, Cuccio! First up is a super pretty glitter polishes which, hold your horses, is completely opaque in just one coat! The glitter polish is named Surprise and it really fits the polish well. I never imagined this glitter one to be perfectly opaque this fast. To top it off and seal all the glitters, I used a 7 seconds reactive topcoat by Cuccio. It promises to react to daylight and makes sure to dry super fast while giving a really glossy finish. I have to say that it really did dry faster than usual and it sealed in the glitters really well. Both the glitter polish and the topcoat cost €6,99 each.

Ofcourse there are more awesome Brazilian brands on the webshop, please check it out if you are curious to see what other colours are available!

x femketje

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