3X The Body Shop Shower Gel.

A couple of weeks ago I actually won a nice TBS giveaway at Lotte’s blog. And I loved these three shower gels so much that I wanted to write a post about them. I have used up a ton of TBS Lemon scented shower gels and body butters in my lifetimeΒ (I just adore a lemon scent!), but I had never tried these three scents out before.

First up is the soft pink coloured Pink Grapefruit one. This shower gel really smells tangy. A tiny bit sweet but most of all a sour scent which really tingles my nose in a good way. The yellow/orange coloured gel is the Mango scent. A super sweet fruity smell and while using this it almost felt like covering myself with real pieces of mango. It smells sooooo good! The third and last one I really REALLY love and almost wanted to eat was the Strawberry gel. This one reminds me of summer with that fresh and super sweet strawberry scent. It doesn’t smell fake or chemically at all, only super sweet and sugary.

It really is a good thing they say on packaging not to eat it, because they all smell so nice you actually want to take a little bit and taste it. The packaging I got is a small travel size (60ml) so they’re handy to take with you when you go on a short holiday. We’re not planning on leaving soon ourselves so I am just using these up in my own little bathroom. I do think I am going to save the bottles, so I can reuse them when we actually go on a holiday.

The Body Shop really has a wide range of different lovely scents, fruity and floral. TBS is cruelty free and is also available online if you are not close to an actual store ;)
Do make sure to sign their petition again animal testing and animal cruelty right here!

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  1. Ik mis Sweet Lemon ook zo, het was echt mijn favoriet. Pink Grapefruit vind ik wel een degelijke vervanger!

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