3X Catrice Blush Flush Limited Edition – Blushing Mousse.

I already showed you these three beauties earlier in my first impressions video and also using one of them in my chatty GRWM video. But I did wanted to make a completely seperate blogpost and review about these blushing mousse products. Curious to see what they’re like? Then keep on reading!

So these blushes are a liquid like creamy substance. Not runny at all but more like a thick mousse which blends really easily into the skin with your fingers. Personally I prefer applying and blending these in with my fingers because brushes may cause streaks and all that jazz.

There are 3 colours in total:
01 Orchid – A soft cool toned light pink.
02 Blushed TANtation – A darker dusty rose kind of colour.
03 Dusted Rose – More a of hot pink than a muted tone.

On the photo above are all three swatches I made straight from the packaging. The applicator is a bit weird but easy to work with. The blushes are a bit thicker than a regular liquid blush, but I really do like to work with these. And you know me, I hate liquid or creamy products on the face but these are really becoming favourites! They don’t feel tacky and dry into the skin really nicely.

I bought these for about €4.- each which is a little bit more pricy compared to the amount of product you get per item (7ml), but they are super pigmented so a little goes a very long way!

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