Look – Creature Of The Sea.

I love to play around with makeup. That’s why I made this look really without overthinking it. The only thing I started off with was a blue and green colour, and it turned out to be a pretty cool sea creature/mermaid-ish look :D

For this look I used some UD palettes such as the moondust palette and the after dark palette. I also used some cosmetic glitters, a pretty mac highlighter, a hema bronzer, an essence blue liner, concealer and an essence mascara mascara.

It isn’t a daily wear look, but it was lots of fun to create so maybe it is a new halloween idea for this year! Oh and I actually placed some piercings where I used to have my nose pierced when I was younger! I kinda miss my nose rings >.<

x femketje

10 thoughts on “Look – Creature Of The Sea.

  1. That’s really neat for Halloween but I’m more of an all natural look I’m 63 years old so I’m not wearing a lot of makeup or jewelry because of having Rheumatoid Arthritis

  2. OMG dat ziet er gewoon perfect uit voor Elfia! Alleen nog een outfit erbij en je kan er zo heen ^^
    Zo mooi…
    Zijn het trouwens echte piercings?

    • Aahw dankjewel :D ik heb wel echte neuspiercings gehad op die plaatsen, maar heb ze rond mijn 20ste er uit gehaald voor manlief, die het toch allemaal net wat too much vond :’)

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