Disney Inspired Looks – Alice In Wonderland.

Every week I am planning on sharing a new Disney Inspired Looks post here on my blog, facebook and instagram. For today one of my fave movies ever: Alice In Wonderland. Eventhough I am not the biggest Disney fan, I have always loved Alice In Wonderland and all the colourfull characters it brings. I decided to make a mad hatter, red queen of hearts and cheshire cat look.

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Disney Inspired Looks – The Little Mermaid.

I have to be honoust, I wasn’t really a Disney lover when I was younger, and still don’t really am to this day. I haven’t even seen half of the Disney movies but I really want to watch more and get inspired to do some awesome (eye)looks with makeup! First up are 3 looks which are inspired by Ariel, the little mermaid movie :)

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Look – Easter Bunny.

I decided to do a last minute easter bunny look last night. I recorded it in about an hour, but the editing part took me all night long and even this morning I was still struggling with it. For some reason my computer messed up the files so I had to re-edit them over and over and over….

But finally it worked out so here it is: My simple but super cute (half) easter bunny look! On my IG I will add some other shots of the look aswell :) Enjoy <3

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